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Training Employees on Social Media

Training employees on social media is so important, but remember to not demonize social media.  Coming up with scare tactics and the worst case scenarios is not only not effective, but irresponsible. Inform your employees of the positive potential of social.  From professional profiles with LinkedIn to sharing public company news on Twitter, the possibilities are endless.

Brand Bridges Community

FARGO, ND – Pride Fargo-Moorhead will roll out a new visual identity, including an updated logo, over the next several months.  The new visual identity is the first significant change in FM Pride’s look in over a decade.

The new logo includes a central icon formed from a stylized version of the Veterans Memorial Bridge pillars connecting Fargo and Moorhead. The new concept, more than eight months in the making, is symbolic of the local community and also promotes Fargo-Moorhead as an inclusive and progressive community that is always striving to better serve the people that live here and those that visit year-round.

“The new FM Pride logo will be instrumental in not only branding the annual Pride celebration events, but also in recognizing the diverse and unified community that FM Pride represents,” said Josh Boschee of FM Pride. “The Veterans Memorial Bridge not only brings together two states, it is also symbolic of when our communities work together, we can accomplish great things to strengthen our community for the future.”

FM Pride’s new visual identity demonstrates the strength and building of community that the Pride Collective and Community Center has been working towards since 2000.


The new brand was developed by Promotional Solutions of Fargo lead by Max Kringen.

me! graduated!

so rarely do I post about myself … at least an entire post about myself… this may I graduated from college! how crazy is that? between the teachers from high school who had bets going if i would graduate to my tour of minnesota colleges (southwest, msum, and concordia) i wondered if graduation day would ever come.

the connections made and the relationships formed are ones i will cherish forever! and homecoming is already coming this weekend! 🙂 stay tuned for photos from hc2011!my 7 roommates and a couple adopted house friends

my two best friends siri and whitney – from chapel choir to hanging out pretty much everyday post graduation, i love these two lots! without them i guess i never would have graduated! mama beth and papa jon have been my rock since forever and i still don’t get why people think it’s weird i talk to them everyday?