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    Max’s Social Marketing Advent Calendar – Reflection

    December 29: Love Google. You may think it’s an evil empire, but in reality they’re changing the world for the better. Check out this blog post to see more reasons to love Uncle Googs. December 30: Go stead with Pinterest. Make sure you’ve converted your business Pinterest to an official page. Why wouldn’t you? Unless you have no access to your company’s website.  (guilty) December 31. Reflect. How was your Keep on reading...


    Max’s Social Marketing Advent Calendar – Celebrate Connection

    December 23: Connect every day. Connect with new people every day/every week/every month with people on LinkedIn. December 24: Subscribe. You love YouTube.  Admit it.  Go ahead and subscribe to their channel.  Its amazing how many will reciprocate. December 25: Celebrate! Get yo’ ass off this machine and go celebrate with your family/friends/bottle of Malbec. December 26: Follow that company. Follow companies similar to yours or where you want to Keep on reading...


    Max’s Social Marketing Advent Calendar – Goal Oriented

    December 16: If it ain’t on Google, it don’t exists. Your welcome for the grammar lesson! Make sure your business/organization/you are on the Googles. If you have a business or organization, make sure you claim the location are your own.  You don’t want someone else posting about how awesome you are without your control, right? errr. December 17: Claim all ‘dat social. Even if you have no intention of using Keep on reading...


    Max’s Social Marketing Advent Calendar – We’re all a-Twitter

    December 9: Make the birdie happy. Create sharable content if you want to be retweeted. My rule is 110 characters or less for optimization.  This gives room for either a short comment or a quoted retweet. December 10: Just ask. If you want people to retweet, just ask for it. Duh. December 11: Give credit. Don’t pretend like you curated a bunch of content when you didn’t. Call out the Keep on reading...


    Max’s Social Marketing Advent Calendar – Just Be

    December 1: Be a good member of the community. Promote others content even more than you promote your own.  #GoldenRule.  By linking and lifting others up, you not only build your own credibility but expand your network. December 2: Be shareable. Be creative, funny, polarizing, whatever word you want to insert.  Share content that people want to share themselves. Funny and cats always win though. December 3: Don’t spam. How Keep on reading...

    Pinterest for Spying on your Competition!

    Maybe the title was more aggressive than really necessary, but it got you in here didn’t it? While I could be blogging up a storm about the new Pinterest for Business, I really don’t know much about it – but did you see the new private boards feature at the bottom of your Pinterest profile? The argument has already been thrown out there – but isn’t’ that the entire point Keep on reading...