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    #WeMustBeBold – My Learns From OTA in 140 Characters

    One of the things I’ve been forgetting in my beige hug is the power that social has to bring people together, to unite in one conversation with many voices. My co-worker/friend Melissa invited me to OTA this year and my faith in multichannel conversations via social was renewed. The movers/shakers/fantastic people at this conference are much better writers than I, so I bring to you what I learned from OTA Keep on reading...


    What is Social Media?

    … One of the toughest, yet most thought provoking questions I’ve been asked in a long time. But to get a start, Random House says it like this: social media noun ( usually used with a plural verb ) Digital Technology . websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts: Many businesses are using social media as a means to generate sales. Almost everyone who Keep on reading...


    Turkey is the reason for the season

    Ok so turkey isn’t the reason for the season, but in thinking of what I’m thankful for, a lot comes to mind. I’m thankful for… My mum and pop who almost always pick up my phone call no matter the time of day. My brothers who, while I don’t talk to enough, are always there to offer advice or hilarious Kevin stories. A job that allows me the freedom to Keep on reading...