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Have a Whale of an Online Presence

[stag_intro]One of my good friends, who is also now a co-worker at Sanford, started up a company a few years ago dedicated to helping non-profits break through the idea that non-profit online presences can’t be any better than mediocre. She is a brilliant strategist who has big company know how that can fit into a small company budget.  She’s basically amazing. Her company Beluga Social has some fantastic resources that I wanted to share with ya’ll![/stag_intro]

[stag_divider style=”plain”]1. Website Review Worksheet

I love this resource because it’s easy to digest, yet chock full of great nuggets of easy to implement action items. Some of my favs include:

  • Your domain name makes sense?
  • Is your mission on your site?
  • Is it easy to figure out how to contact your organization?

[stag_button url=”” style=”purple” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Beluga’s Non-Profit Website Review Worksheet[/stag_button]

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2. Blog Review Worksheet

Again – simple, easy to digest, brilliant checklist of what to do and how to measure. From the basics to analyzing your blog to make sure you’re reaching your audience, this one-pager will bring your blog to the next level. While some of the things might seem simple or ‘duh’, both Margot and I have come across too many non-profits that are failing when it comes to their blogs. Fav things:

  • Is your logo on the blog?
  • Updated on a regular basis.
  • Linked to Google Analytics.

[stag_button url=”” style=”purple” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_self”]Beluga’s Non-Profit Blog Review[/stag_button]

[stag_divider style=”plain”]3. Social Media Strategy Worksheet

Margot and I love social, like we really love social. While it looks high level, this worksheet is incredibly comprehensive and is one that I used to start our enterprise social strategy which (in my mind) shows the versatility, elasticity, and overall adaptability of this worksheet. Fav things:

  • Describing your audience segments.
  • How will you integrate into other types of communication?
  • What does success look like?

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Like I said earlier, she’s great! Check out her company Beluga Social, but don’t bug her too much – she’s planning a wedding!


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[stag_one_third] Margot’s Twitter



@SanfordMargot [/stag_one_third]

[stag_one_third] Margot’s LinkedIn

Connect Here [/stag_one_third]

[stag_one_third_last] Margot’s Facebook

Beluga Social [/stag_one_third_last]

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