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Max’s (Social) Fab Four

I get asked all the time from both business owners and non-profits, “what social networks should I be on?” I always give the same answer, “it all depends on what your strategy is!” And while I am a firm believer that I’m absolutely correct in starting with strategy before tactics, I do want to share my favorite or ‘fab’ four of social networks.  These magically seem to fit into almost any strategy I’ve developed and executed.

Ok – stop gabbing. Where should I be?

1. Facebook

One of my favorite networks is also one that I spend a lot of time perusing. What makes Facebook make my fab four? So far in the world of digital, it seems to be one of the only networks that has transcended the lifespan of the typical social site.  If social networks had a lifespan, Facebook would be your great granny – that’s still kickin’ strong! One of the most exciting things (for me) is Facebook’s continual growth in a time when the latest niche social platform is birthing and dying.

2. LinkedIn

Are you a professional or want to become one? Then you should be on LinkedIn. It’s really as easy as that. Get the idea out of your head that you should only be on LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job. Learn more about why your ass needs to be on LinkedIn by checking out my blog post from June here >>

3. Twitter

As my papa was ramping up his and his school’s social footprints, he was doing an interview with his local radio station.  At the end of the interview papa Jon told the listeners they could follow him for updates on sports scores, school closings, and everyday happenings. The DJ replied “Twitter? I thought that was just to tell people what kinda sandwich you ate at lunch.” If you’re reading this, I think you know it’s not just for telling what you had for lunch. After all, you can tweet about #JuanPablo and this season of #TheBachelor.

4. Google+

I’m a cheater when it comes to Google+.  I use it as an aggregator for my LinkedIn and Facebook content. But you and I both know that Google is taking over the world – so we might as well be early adopters. Again – learn more on why in my post from November >>

Ok that’s the breakdown of my fab four. High level? Yes.  True? Yes. Boom.


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